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Chapter 1. What is MyProxy?
Chapter 2. Using MyProxy.
Chapter 3. Main MyProxy window, managing.
Chapter 4. Internet dialer.
Chapter 5. Main options.
Chapter 6. Statistics.
Chapter 7. Viewing cache contents.

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What is MyProxy?
    Myproxy helps dramatically save your Internet costs and make your web surfing more enjoyable. In order to achieve these targets the whole sequence of functions is implemented in this software: caching, blocking banners and pop-up windows with advertisement, money and traffic records, integrated dialer, sharing dialup-connection between other computers of your LAN.

How does it work?
    MyProxy works as a proxy-server between your Internet browser and your Internet Service Provider (ISP). So all your internet requests go through it. Such an approach allows not to depend on the type of installed Internet browser. You just need to set in your browser settings (automatically or by hand) that you will work through the proxy. MyProxy will care about the rest.

How faster pages and pictures are loaded?
    An average statistical web page contains 5-7 banners and 3-4 pictures. Your internet connection is being freed by caching pictures and blocking banners for loading useful information. Statistics shows that every 1 megabyte of useful information contains about 100-150 banners and 100-200 kilobytes of static graphics. It's easy to calculate that pure saving is more than 20-35% (we assume that average banner size is 1kb, which is of course very lowered.

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