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Internet Accelerator with Web Compression and Ad Filter

Protect your privacy online, fight annoying banners ads, and increase your Internet connection speed with MyProxy 9.3
Proxy software screenshot.  Ad filter - Stop advertising, kill those annoying ad banners
 Internet Explorer accelerator - Increase your internet connection speed up to 5 times
 Dialup accelerator - Stop waiting while a page is loading
 Proxy server software - share your Internet connection over a LAN
 Pay less for your Internet connection by compressing it ( traffic compressor >>> )
 Protect your online privacy
 Anonymous Web Surfing

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    MyProxy is a popular Internet Accelerator that combines properties of a proxy server, web compression, banner ad filter, dialer and DNS-cache. The program can increase the web page loading speeds up to five times by web compression, blocking unwanted online ads (Ad Filter) and caching pictures and website graphics elements, which account for the majority of the Internet traffic. In addition, MyProxy blocks cookies and referrers, which are used by marketers to invade privacy and track person's online behavior, preferences, most visited websites, frequency of visits and so on.

    Internet Accelerator MyProxy does an extremely good job of discerning advertising and pornographic content to block it from reaching your computer. Doing this, the program saves a significant amount of money in bandwidth fees and makes Internet surfing experience more enjoyable. Importantly, as a proxy software, Ad Filter MyProxy allows sharing the Internet connection with other computers in the network. MyProxy stores a local table of DNS-IP addresses and checks that table before querying ISP, which permits local searching without generating TCP/IP network traffic at all.

    Moreover, Internet Accelerator MyProxy also features a built-in dialer capable of tracking time spent in the Internet and bandwidth consumed to help you calculate your expenses. And the program comes with a password protection to prevent unauthorized access.

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