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There is a new feature of MyProxy for registered users*.

Traffic compression will speed up your internet connection up to 5 times!

Traffic compression more important for slow internet connections, such as Dialup, GPRS, EDGE.

It works very simply:

  • When you request some internet page (or something else) MyProxy directs this request to our server.
  • Server receives page you've requested, compresses it and sends it back to MyProxy.
  • MyProxy uncompresses received data and gives it back to your browser.

    Average compression rate is about 3:1 !

        In order to enable the traffic compression feature you should purchase some traffic. This is the amount of uncompressed data that the server will receive for you. After purchase you will receive a "traffic key", that you should enter in the "Options" dialog. Amount of the purchased traffic or time will be added to your account.


       * In order to use traffic compression, you need to have a license for using MyProxy.
    You can order a license for Myproxy here.

    All registered users get 50 Mb of traffic for FREE.

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